Ordering Info - Cookies & Bars

If all this has made you hungry, here's what we offer:

Dvora's Cookie Creations is located in the Modiin area.  Please contact us to check on availability - we accept a limited number of orders to ensure the freshest, most delicious product possible. Our schedule fills up quickly, so please reserve your date early for best availability. 
We can do any quantity, plattered to your specifications.  Details are below!  Please call us at 08-9298150 or send an email to dvorascookiecreations@yahoo.com to place an order or for more information.
Custom Cookie Platters
All custom orders must be finalized at least seven days prior to ready date. Select flavors from menu of cookies and bars.  Please inquire about delivery charges and availability.
Medium Variety Platter – 48 pieces, choose up to three flavors, may include one premium flavor - 90 NIS
Large Variety Platter – 60 pieces, choose up to four flavors, may include one premium flavor - 110 NIS
Extra Large Variety Platter – 80 pieces, choose up to five flavors from , may include one premium flavor - 145 NIS
Giant Platter – 100 pieces, choose up to six flavors from selection of cookies and bars, may include one premium flavor - 180 NIS
Platter Upgrade – Include additional premium cookies and bars in your platter. Charge is per addition - 20 NIS per addition
Cookies by the Dozen – choose your favorite flavor, on a platter or boxed. Minimum 18 pieces per flavor (30 NIS per dozen for premium) - 25 NIS per dozen
Catering Information
All custom orders must be finalized at least seven days prior to ready date. Free delivery available in Chashmonaim.
Gourmet Cookies and Bars
500 pieces – maximum of 10 flavors, including 2 premium flavors -  850 NIS
Additional 100 pieces, same flavor selection -  170 NIS

Quantities less than 500 pieces – per 100 – maximum of 6 flavors for up to 300 pieces, 8 flavors for 400 pieces, including 1 premium flavor -  180 NIS per 100 pieces
Additional flavor – per addition - 40 NIS
Additional premium flavor – per addition (as a replacement) - 20 NIS
Cookie favor bags – 5 cookies in a cellophane bag, tied with ribbon or raffia. Add a personalized message for a special touch – min. 8 bags - 12 NIS per bag
Special Treats
Cake pops - Cake and frosting truffles, dipped in and drizzled with chocolate, served on a stick – chocolate, vanilla, red velvet and more! - 50 NIS per dozen
Decorated sugar cookies – call for more information - 8-15 NIS each
Gluten free double chocolate chip or chocolate chip cookies - 30 NIS per dozen
Mini-desserts, including mousses, trifles, and tartlets - prices vary, please contact us for more information

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