Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas Story - and Kosher Connection Recipe Links

Maybe this post is not what it sounds like from the title.  No need for worry.  It's still a kosher blog.  But December 25 is a significant date for me: nineteen years ago today, I became a mother.  And it was all thanks to Chinese food.

Well, not exactly. Let's review.  It's Thursday, December 23, 1993.  I am over a week late with our first child.  I spend a lot of time going back and forth to the doctor.  The only report: there is no progress, and I will be going for yet another ultrasound on Friday.  On Thursday night, we have Chinese food (from Annie's Kitchen, where David had been the mashgiach).  I eat hot and sour soup (the best!), and then have no room for anything else, thanks to the giant baby taking up all the space in my stomach. I do open a fortune cookie, which tells me I will be having a pleasant experience.  Hmmm....

On Friday, we head to the ultrasound, where the doctor discovers that there is very little amniotic fluid left, and, in his words, "It's time to make the doughnuts."  Next stop, the hospital.  The ultrasound there tells us that the baby will be well over 8 pounds (my doctor says "Bah, humbug, not a shade over 7 1/2").  A quick exam lets us know that in the hours since the hot and sour soup, I have gone into labor.  The spicy deliciousness has done its job!  And I am going home because it is likely that labor will proceed faster when I can walk around, rather than be stuck in a hospital bed.

So home we go, and we learn that science is deeply flawed.  I walk around a lot, my contractions stop entirely, I have no more hot and sour to rev things up, and Shabbat morning we are back in the hospital to deliver a baby who must come out immediately.  Fast forward several hours, "It's a GIRL!"  (which we knew, accidentally, but it's still exciting to say).  She was 8 pounds, 9 ounces (Bah, humbug to you, Doc!). So we have our Christmas baby, who was supposed to be a Chanukah baby, but she had other ideas.  On the plus side, the hospital was very empty, and the lovely Jewish residents were happy to have something to do.  On the minus, my frum OB/GYN was on vacation.  Oy, the irony.

Thus the long standing tradition of Jews eating Chinese food on Christmas.  Perhaps that yiddishe mamma Mary had some too, to get things revving up for her manger delivery.

This month's Kosher Connection Recipe Linkup is Chinese Food. I would like to think it's in honor of the nineteenth birthday of my daughter/ decorating assistant/ indentured servant Shana, and the food that helped bring her to us.  Thanks for helping us celebrate!  While this month seems to have been a bit too intense for us to contribute a recipe - my advice, go buy some Chinese take-out, which is what we will be doing on the 25th - here are some great recipes from the other contributors, and we hope to be back next month.  B'tayavon!

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