Cookie Flavors!

With so many flavors, it's hard to choose!  They're all delicious, so you can't go wrong...
***Please note, not all flavors are available at all times.  Please contact us for relevant options for your simcha.***
􀂆 Alfajores
􀂆 Apricot white chocolate
􀂆 Black Forest
􀂆 Black and white
􀂆 Carrot cake sandwiches
􀂆 Chai shortbread sandwiches
􀂆 Chai spice snickerdoodles
􀂆 Cherry/cranberry chocolate chip
􀂆 Chewy chocolate chip
􀂆 Chewy lemon sugar cookies
􀂆 Chewy oatmeal cherry
􀂆 Chocolate caramel sandwiches
􀂆 Chocolate cream sandwiches
􀂆 Chocolate crinkles
􀂆 Chocolate espresso cream wafers
􀂆 Chocolate snickerdoodles
􀂆 Chocolate thumbprints
􀂆 Dark chocolate orange
􀂆 Double chocolate
􀂆 Espresso double chocolate chunk
􀂆 Ginger crinkles
􀂆 Glazed lemon
􀂆 Iced oatmeal
􀂆 Kicked up chocolate chip
􀂆 Lemon drop sandwiches
􀂆 Lemon glazed ginger crisps
􀂆 Lemon rosemary shortbread
􀂆 Lemon white chocolate
􀂆 Linzer cookies
􀂆 Molasses cream sandwiches
􀂆 Oatmeal raisin cream sandwiches
􀂆 Old fashioned sugar
􀂆 Orange-cranberry-white chocolate
􀂆 Peanut butter chocolate sandwiches
􀂆 Peanut butter oatmeal sandwiches
􀂆 Polka dot
􀂆 Sacher torte sandwiches
􀂆 Snickerdoodles
􀂆 Sugar cookie ganache sandwiches
􀂆 Thin mint sandwiches
􀂆 Triple chocolate
􀂆 Whoopie pies (chocolate/vanilla,
chocolate/peanut butter,chocolate/mint, red velvet/vanilla)
Premium cookies
􀂆 Black Forest with pecans
􀂆 Cake truffles - chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, and more!
􀂆 Chocolate chip cookie dough truffles
􀂆 Chocolate chip with walnuts or pecans
􀂆 Chocolate dipped chocolate chip
􀂆 Pecan pie thumbprints

Bars and Squares
􀂆 Apple crumble squares
􀂆 Apple cherry crumble bars
􀂆 Apricot squares
􀂆 Banana chocolate chip bars
􀂆 Black Forest brownies
􀂆 Blueberry bars
􀂆 Caramel apple bars
􀂆 Caramel brownies
􀂆 Cherry pie squares
􀂆 Cherry oatmeal crumble bars
􀂆 Chocolate cherry brownies
􀂆 Chocolate chip brownies
􀂆 Chocolate chip mandelbread
􀂆 Chocolate peanut butter brownies
􀂆 Chocolate raspberry truffle bars
􀂆 Cinnamon squares
􀂆 Coffee and cream brownies
􀂆 Cranberry chocolate chip mandelbread
􀂆 Double decker brownie bar
􀂆 Fudgy brownies/frosted brownies
􀂆 Ginger white chocolate blondies
􀂆 Glazed orange bars
􀂆 Gooey raisin squares
􀂆 Hermit sticks
􀂆 Lemon wedges
􀂆 Mexican brownies
􀂆 Mint brownies
􀂆 Oatmeal fudge bars
􀂆 Peanut butter bites
􀂆 Peanut butter swirl blondies
􀂆 Raisinette squares
􀂆 Snickerdoodle squares
􀂆 Tuxedo brownies
Premium Bars and Squares
􀂆 Cherry-pecan-white chocolate blondies
􀂆 Chocolate dipped pecan pie shortbread
􀂆 Chocolate pecan sticks
􀂆 Cranberry pecan bars
􀂆 Honey pecan squares
􀂆 Maple pecan cranberry triangles
􀂆 Whiskey-spiked chocolate pecan blondies
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