Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another milestone

Several weeks ago, Ariella received her first Chumash. This momentous event was accompanied by a tiyul to the Old City and a program in the Cardo. We visited the Kever of David HaMelech, the four Sephardi Batei Knesset that are linked together, and the Churva shul (although we only stood outside). Here are a few prize pictures.
Ariella and her friends Ravid and Ayelet
Outside Kever David
In the Beit Knesset Eliyahu HaNavi
Outside the Churva

With the new ChumashThe kids were immediately able to open up and start learning, first individually and then as a group - how cool!With Saba and SavtaAt the KotelHope you enjoyed our nachas!


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