Saturday, July 17, 2010

This one's for you, Shosh

This was a very quiet Shabbos in Casa Cookies. Shana is still in the US, and Dani and Lola spent Shabbos at Saba and Savta's, so it was just me, David, and lucky Ayelet. We really had a nice, low-key time.

Just to make sure the pictures get posted for Shana to see, I am going to rush this post and will fill in details later. I decorated a birthday cake for Avraham, son of our friends Yocheved and Jon, who, I am sad to report, are returning to the States next week after four years of "staying for the year." They will be sorely missed. Yocheved is quite the baker herself, but what with packing and organizing, she did not have time to decorate for the birthday boy.
The colorful decor was her concept, I just made it happen for her. The color is a little off here, as the swirls were really a combination of orange, purple, and teal, but you get the general idea. Happy birthday, Avraham!

Last week's flavors are getting a brief shout-out here as well, as I remembered to photograph a platter, but obviously late in the game (i.e. the glarey plastic wrap gives it away every time).

The flavors were lemon glazed ginger crisps, coffee and cream brownies, chocolate thumbprints, cherry oatmeal crumble bars, and Black Forest Cookies.

This week's flavors get a more advantageous viewing:
Chocolate dipped chocolate chip, snickerdoodle squares (a new flavor), chocolate crinkles, oatmeal fudge bars (also new), and lemon currant cookies (yes, new as well). Maybe next post will include some close-up love for the new flavors. Maybe. I am trying not to write checks that I can't cash...

Have a good week, and an easy fast. May this year be the last for Tisha B'Av as a tzom.


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