Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Easy and Meaningful Fast

I would like to wish you one of those - don't we all say that, and hope that it's real?  But is an easy fast a meaningful one?  Or are we meant to suffer?  Deep thoughts...

As always, I prefer to think about the before and after, and not so much the during.  We have a curous minhag of two meals before the fast, both with washing for challah.  The first is gefilte fish followed by chicken soup with Lola's favorite kreplach, and the second, after mincha, is the "main course" - chicken, potato kugel, challah kugel, and green beans (something green in the second meal!! Yay us!).  Then maybe dessert, while drinking a good amount of water all the way through, and that will be it for 25 hours.  Delightful.

After the fast?  Zucchini-potato soup (a pareve variation of the one found here), and of course bagels.  Then sukkah building, and cookie baking.

Hope this did not make you hungry, or anxious, or anything else unhelpful.  Wishing you a G'mar Chatima Tova!


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