Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ooh, pretty cookies

If I were normal, my ambition would be to make tons of money, go on swanky vacations, drive fancy cars, that kind of thing. But no, I have to have ambitions to perfect decorated cookies. Not to leave well enough alone and bake the 80+ flavors of cookies already on the menu. To decorate sugar cookies. This summer has been a good start, with lots of fondant covered cookies. My friend Faigy came for a visit this summer (had the best time seeing her and spending Shabbat together - can't believe that the long awaited trip has already come and gone!) and she brought me food markers, which have played into the insanity.

This was the first set of cookies this summer - for a 50th birthday of a proud birthday girl. Then someone celebrating a fiftieth anniversary saw them and wanted the same thing, but anniversary subbing for birthday. Since I neglected to photograph the platter, I phonied up another cookie for your enjoyment. Just picture this in the center of a cookie platter, with the same "50" cookie surrounding it. I also provided a Shabbat Chattan platter,a "Mazal tov," need to impress someone platter,

and an assortment to embellish a bar mitzvah oneg Shabbat.

In all honesty, these were phonied up too, as I was pressed for time and didn't photograph the purchased dozen. Then I did platters for another bar mitzvah, to greet the guests as they arrived for Shabbat, and added decor cookies just for a little somethng special. These, by the way, are the real thing.Cool how just a couple of cookies can liven up the whole look, right?! I must give credit to my artist daughter, who designed all of the really cool cookies. Where the talent comes from, who can say, but it remains a mystery to me! Now I just need time to work on my royal icing skills. Someday, I hope, but not too far away!

Hope you liked these little favors!


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