Thursday, December 9, 2010

Feliz cumpleanos!

This next cake was a Mexican themed cake, for a woman who is learning Spanish to complement her husband's job in Texas, close to the Mexico border. The specifications: the flag of Mexico, and a sombrero. Beyond that, it was up to me. So I had some fun with it, but only a little, as it was a rather last minute order.

I had thought the Mexican flag was simple and straightforward, but then I Googled it and found it was rather intricate, with an elaborate crest in the middle. I did my best impressionist rendering of it, and this photo is thankfully rather blurry.The sombrero came out very cute and cartoon-y. I chose a font that is reminiscent of Mexico and that was a lot of fun to do. I added cacti and chili peppers to the sides, and voila! Admittedly, this cake could have used a little more decoration on top, like a chili pepper or two, but all in all a very cute cake, even given the super fast turn-around time. I amped up the Mexican character of the chocolate cake by filling the layers with a Mexican chocolate filling - flavors of coffee and cinnamon accenting the chocolate cream, soooo goooood! I could totally have eaten it by the spoonful, if I was not so careful to make correct quantities without leftovers.

Happy Birthday, Yael - or Feliz cumpleanos, Jael!

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