Wednesday, December 8, 2010

O Chanuka, O Chanuka!

Well, eight nights pass so quickly, with nary a chance to post. We lit candles (8 times), played dreidel (a few times), made latkes (twice - and man were they good!), and generally enjoyed the holiday and the vacation. Hard to believe that in just one more day, the chofesh will be over and the children will be back to the old grind.
And now for some fun Chanuka treats:

Sufganiya cupcakes - tastes a lot like a jelly doughnut, but with slightly less guilt. These are minis, and remind me a lot of Dunkin Donuts munchkins. Here's one on it's own - you can decide for yourself if you see the resemblance.Also lots of fun to make and eat - gelt topped cupcakes. The gelt is made of fondant, and looks a lot like the real thing. These cupcakes are vanilla, topped with swirled peach and blue frosting. So festive! And if you aren't going to get cash, this is not a bad substitute.

Here are some Chanuka platters:

The first week's platters included: Peanut butter chocolate dreidel sandwiches, whoopie pies, orange-cranberry-white chocolate cookies, chocolate caramel Magen David sandwiches, molasses cream sandwiches, and dreidel Linzer sandwiches, with fondant covered sugar cookies on top.

Shabbat featured some variations:

Mini-chocolate caramel Magen David sandwiches, cranberry pecan bars, whoopie pies, linzer sandwiches, chocolate chip brownies, peanut butter chocolate dreidel sandwiches, and, of course, the colorful sugar cookies.

And finally, a custom platter: whoopie pies, glazed lemon cookies, chocolate chip brownies, peanut butter chocolate dreidel sandwiches, and colorful sugar cookies.

Hope you all had a sweet Chanuka!


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