Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me!

This week marked the second anniversary of Dvora's Cookie Creations first public offering (not a stock offering and not our first jobs, rather the first time I publicly advertised and did the Shabbat tray concept). The anniversary flavors were among the favorites of many customers, plus a little bonus came along with the trays.
They included Sacher torte sandwiches, chocolate dipped pecan shortbread, orange-cranberry-white chocolate cookies, molasses cream sandwiches, mint brownies, and chocolate thumbprints. What do you think of the angle of the picture?

What about this one? I kind of feel like I am in the eye doctor's office: "Better one or better two?"

Then there were the variations. First, sugar cookies for a bar mitzvah kiddush.

They topped a couple of platters

for a festive touch.

Also, a gift platter for a family with a new baby girl.

Whoa, maybe a little too much natural light there. I guess there can be too much of a good thing.Finally, in addition to a coupon for a discount off of a future purchase, each customer received a couple of chocolate cake pops, drizzled with pink chocolate to match the Cookie Creations logo. The pink chocolate itself is something of an eighth wonder - the fact that I was able to color it is nothing short of defying the laws of chemistry as I know them, but I am okay with that.

Looking forward to many more years of sweet celebrations!


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