Saturday, November 27, 2010

Going incognito

This cake will have to go nameless. That is, without revealing the name on top. Why? The client was (probably rightfully) concerned that people would see the cake and (mistakenly) believe that the family has valuables in the house or on their persons. So with a little assist from the editor on my camera, I give to you, the anonymous birthday cake. This is one you will not be seeing on Facebook, so enjoy it here.

The decorations may be hard for you to identify - believe me, without inspiration photos from the client, I would not have had a clue of what to create for this cake! They consist of a jeweler's loupe, pink and white "diamonds," and a cricker bat and ball. And now, here for your enjoyment, close-ups.I love how this came out - so true to the real thing, or at least to its photo. In this next shot, you get a better view of some of the diamonds.And here are the cricket pieces, which I had never seen before, but somehow Shana was able to look at them and identify them immediately - which, truly, she did not know how she did.I hope you enjoyed seeing this cake, along with the air of mystery that accompanies it. And happy birthday wishes to ????????????????.


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