Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pretty in pink

Girls like pink. It's not a stereotyping thing. It's just that (most) girls like pink. I am neutral on the subject, but when a customer tells me her daughter loves pink and the cake should be pink, I listen up. Unfortunately, the photos I took do no accurately reflect the colors - my camera is acting a little hinky, which is WAY frustrating as it is not very old. The cake itself was white cake with apricot preserves and buttercream in between the layers, and pale pink buttercream on top. The decorations were an extremely hot pink, but it looks far more delicate here. The birthday girl, Rina, loves her Crocs (must be her father's daughter!) and her guitar, as well as a few other things her mom did not want to include on the cake...

And it was her eleventh birthday, so we added a cute number 11 on to the front. The guitar gave me no end of agita, as the stupid thing broke - the neck part cracked in TWO places! - as I was putting the cake together, about ten minutes before pick-up. But we "glued" it back together and propped it up with frosting, and being quite honest, pointed it out to the mom, who was perfectly happy and gracious, and everyone was happy. And as from most challenges, I have learned from it a will adjust accordingly.
Yom Huledet Sameach!


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