Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A few of his favorite things

This week I made a cake for a surprise birthday party. The wife of the birthday boy wanted to include some of his favorite things on top. The cake itself was a white cake with lemony undertones, filled with apricot preserves and buttercream, and frosted in more buttercream.

He lives in Crocs, and on his cell phone and computer. The only other favorite that we decided not to include was cholent, as we didn't know how aesthetically pleasing that might be... And now for a few close-ups!

The ubiquitous cell phone:

The uber-important computer (note the awesome silver coloring!):And the footwear, front and back viewPlease take time to notice the word "crocs" carved into the fondant. And yes, did I mention - all edible! This cake was a lot of fun to make; this was really the first time I did a lot of freehand molding of fondant/gumpaste, with the aid, of course, of my trusty in-house artist, Shana. The crocs were me, and the phone and computer mostly her, with a little input from me. It was a fun collaboration. I hope the birthday boy enjoyed it too!



cookies and cups said...

This cake is adorable!! Love the little crocs!

Dvora said...

Thanks! I had fun making them!

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