Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little bit obsessed with cupcakes

I know I have said it before, but I really like cupcakes, and I really, really like mini-cupcakes, because the littler, the better, right?! I recently made lemon glazed lemon blueberry mini-cupcakes that were absolutely delicious - they even tasted dairy even though they were pareve - for a surprise birthday celebration. The birthday boy is watching himself, hence the mini-size and the glaze in place of the fat-laden frosting that makes cupcakes so tempting. I mean, honestly, not for nothing do several prestigious cupcake bakeries sell frosting shots. But these minis were great without the fluff; who knew?!
Next, I made snickerdoodle mini-cupcakes. Moist cinnamon cake, creamy vanilla frosting, topped with cinnamon sugar.
After that came gingerbread mini-cupcakes, topped with vanilla frosting and crunchy demerara sugar, which countered the spice of the ginger perfectly. These were inspired by Naftali, world's biggest ginger fan, as they were for his sister Yonina's bat mitzvah.
Also for Yonina's bat mitzvah oneg, taking place on Shabbat Parashat B'reishit, were these fourth day of creation cupcakes, featuring the sun, moon, and stars. The cakes nearly had political overtones when I began assembling the cupcakes and did not at first realize that the way I was placing the crescent shaped moon and the stars resembled the flag of a country that has not been too friendly of late. So I swiftly deconstructed and reconstructed. Phew!
If the celebration had not taken place just a day after the end of Simchat Torah, I would have tried to go through all the days of creation, somehow, but that will have to wait for another time.
Finally, keeping with the theme of the weekly sedra, these rainbow cupcakes were in honor of Aliza's bat mitzvah, which took place on Shabbat Parashat Noach. Her mom, Sara, saw these cupcakes on line MONTHS ago and asked me if I would be able to make something like them. I was glad that they came out just the way she wanted them. I made both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes - something for everyone - in standard size, as this design needed the space, and topped them with blue frosting sky, fluffy white clouds, and rainbow sour strips. Let's just hope Hashem remembers not to send a mabul, but some gishmei bracha would be wonderful!
Mazal tov to all the celebrants! Stay tuned to see if we can extend the theme cupcakes any further...

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