Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Proud Mama

We are very fortunate to have children who makes us proud on a regular basis (also, they make us tear our hair out on a regular basis, but some things are best left unblogged). Right now, we are enoying the fact that all four have thrown themselves into academics and are working hard - and succeeding beautifully. And sometimes, just sometimes, they even act like resonable human beings.

But this brag is non-academic and non-behavioral. This brag is "where did she get the creativity and the talent?" Shana recently returned from a trip to Poland with her class. She saw and experienced a lot, and it seems to have made an impact. But, again, that is not this brag. What I am so proud of is the design for the girls' sweatshirts and t-shirts that Shana came up with and drew.

I truly believe (in addition to all the other reasons I blogged about months ago) that it is absolutely necessary to visit the places where the atrocities of the Shoah occurred so that they are maintained and not turned into parks or mere symbols. When Shana drew this, the "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign, the barbed wire, they were just ideas to her. Now she has seen them for herself and can answer to anyone who claims it was not real. And when she returned, the flag of the State was more than a symbol - it was a reality she is grateful to be living. So it's a t-shirt, yes, but it represents so much more. And we couldn't be prouder.


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