Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cakes, for a change

I am still playing a little bit of catch-up. Wanted to share a couple of cakes that I made somewhat recently.

This was David's birthday cake - and let's just be very candid: David is not into birthdays. Not one little bit. So this cake was mostly for the kids, in its concept anyway. No one here complains about cake, especially if you can cut off a chunk and pop it into the freezer, to enjoy later. This was a chocolate cake covered in multi-colored buttercream. Super-psychedelic, right?!This cake was for a customer who was celebrating a big birthday in a big way. The party included a musician who sang songs in a number of languages, complementing the stories that were told of the many lands Bernard lived in. His three main homes wee acknowledged on the cake, with French, Israeli, and American flags. The cake itself was chocolate "buttermilk" cake, filled with chocolate mousse, and covered in dark chocolate buttercream. Ad meah v'esrim!

Finally, a less decorative cake: Bubby and Zeidy's honey chiffon cake.

It is a humble tube cake, but full of nostalgia - and yummy flavor. Note the traditional serving platter; this cake would not be complete without a paper plate supporting it. If only there were plain white PAPER paper plates here, like in the old country, 100 plates for 99 cents. That would be truly authentic.

Wishing you a sweet week!



Anonymous said...

Very nice! I know that Bernard! I'm pretty sure that is my sister's FIL.

Dvora said...

Wow! What an amazingly small world - which DIL is your sister? I hope they all enjoyed the cake as much as they said they did!

Anonymous said...

Julie is my sister. And, yes, they did!

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