Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nothing is as we plan it

This cake worked out just fine - do not fret. It's the plans of the birthday girl - and her adorable daughter who ordered the cake (along with her father, of course) - that went awry. Lenny ordered this cake on the orders of his daughter Elana, who loves her mom, and loves cake, I am sure in that order. But when Lenny came to pick up the cake, he informed us that Chaya, his wife, was in the hospital with Elana, who had broken her finger a few days before in an untterly ridiculous way, and now required surgery. Thankfully, the surgery went well, and Elana was able to have some cake in the hospital when she woke up and recovered. The cake is vanilla with pink vanilla buttercream and topped with fondant flowers. Happy Birthday Chaya - hope this is a happy and HEALTHY year for all of you!


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