Monday, November 22, 2010

A little at a time

Giant blog posts are exhausting. So many words to think up, so many pictures to upload. So let's try a few short ones instead. Oh, but then I have to come up with all those stupid titles!!! Well, let's not whine, let's just go with it.
Last Shabbat was a study in flexibility. Every platter had slight variations, whether due to flavor preferences, allergy issues, or special requests. Here is one sample:

thin mint sandwiches, apple-cherry crumble bars, espresso double chocolate chunk cookies, chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter brownies (slathered in chocolate peanut butter ganache - so rich and decadent!), and oatmeal raisin cream sandwiches (Little Debbie eat your heart out!).

This platter of yummy cookies left Chashmonaim and ventured far, far afield - to Modiin. Note the cute business card attached to the ribbon; designed by the talented Shana.

This one held a double portion of thin mints, for those who love their Girl Scout cookie flavors!

Hope you had a sweet Shabbat!

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