Sunday, January 2, 2011

Keeping my word

I said there would be pictures...
And I keep my word, so here are some engagement cookies and their story.

Mia and Naftali got engaged right after Chanuka, in a week that was B"H full of smachot for Naf's family, including a sister's bat mitzvah and a cousin's bar mitzvah. With so much going on, Dad called on the reinforcements (me) to provide the biggest platter we offer.It was a cool hundred pieces, featuring thin mint sandwiches, lemon glazed ginger crisps, chocolate raspberry truffle brownies, triple chocolate cookies, whiskey laced blondies with pecans, dried cherries, and white chocolate, chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies, and chai shortbread sandwiches. Then we topped them with some sugar cookies, covered in fondnat and decorated with royal icing.

The extras went along for the ride to adorn the table.Mazal tov to Mia and Naf and the entire clan! May you be zocheh to build a bayit ne'eman b'Yisrael!


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