Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome to the Tribe!

It is an amazing feeling to help people celebrate their good times.  Engagements, weddings, sheva brachot, bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, birthdays, achievements - what a privilege to help make someone's day a little sweeter.  One of the more recent additions to the repertoire of life cycle cakes we've been doing is the brit milah cake.  Don't get any ideas!  It's nothing graphic or icky; just cakes welcoming a new arrival into the family and into the tribe.

This was a particular favorite, as it incorporates one of the traditional blessings for the newborn - "As he entered the covenant, so may he enter into Torah, Chuppah (marriage), and good deeds." Each part of the blessing is represented with a symbol:
A pillow to rest the baby on - with the blessing "May this little one become great" or more plaintively, "May this little one grow up."
The Chuppah, or marriage canopy

Good deeds - charity

The priestly breastplate, for the family's Cohen status
In the meantime, my apologies for pictures that refuse to line up properly - new formatting is giving me headaches...

The next was for the same family, several months later. This cake was for the brit of a grandson born to a "Steps and Stairs" family - boy, girl, boy, girl, and now another boy.

 And the final brit cake is a fun twist on the car window stickers that keep popping up everywhere.
This cake featured the whole family - the dad, who loves to play piano; the mom, who is a loving wife and mother; big brother, who loves playing soccer; big sister, who loves playing on a slide; and the new baby, whose interests we look forward to learning as he grows!

May all the new arrivals continue to bring joy to their families!


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