Monday, July 23, 2012

The devils' playthings

It's my hands. They are idle. And if I were that kind of a girl, I would probably be getting into trouble. But honestly, I am too boring for that, so they are just itching for some creative action. I miss my kitchen, and my mixer, and my pans (don't worry, I got more! where I will put them, I don't know...), and my ingredients that are familiar and that work the way I think they will. (Who knew, six years ago I was saying the same thing about our new home and new kitchen on the other side of the ocean...times have changed!) Whatever I have baked here has not come out exactly right, though I am not entirely sure what the bad variable was.  Maybe it was me...

I will have plenty of baking work when I get home, but for now I am going the think about all the things I want to make when I get there. How about
Boston Cream Whoopie pies? (picture from Tracy's Culinary Adventures, not mine! Isn't it so yummy looking?!)
Cutie pie cookies with my new cutters?
Swiss meringue buttercream?  Yes, I have a phobia, born of strange experience and the pareve restriction I have adopted...

Any other ideas from new and fun baking projects?  Can't wait to scour all the blogs I haven't had time for lately, and I would love your ideas too!

Looking forward to baking again, for real,


1 comment:

Arica said...

You have a serious illness. Don't you know how to enjoy a little vacation??? Can I volunteer to be the taste tester to all your fun new experiments? Come home already, we miss you!!!!

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