Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Long Day

This has been another long day, in a week full of them. I am not exactly certain what got accomplished the last few days, but today was certainly full. To backtrack, on Sunday Shana and her friend Elana went to the mall and movies, to see the latest Harry Potter installment. Ayelet has been working, working, working. David and I headed to a bar mitzvah Sunday night. On Monday Dani went with Elana, her father David, and her brother Yacov to Latrun, the Bullet Factory, and Mini Israel. They had a good time, while Shana stayed home and worked on the reams of math homework she pretty much neglected up til now. Today Shana and Elana went into Yerushalayim to shop for gifts. They seem to have been successful. Dani and his friend Pacey spent the day going back and forth between houses. David and I headed for Rami Levi, spent lots of money, got home, and unpacked. Then I baked some cookies in preparation for welcoming an old friend, Rahel, and her family to the yishuv. It was great to see her again after so many years - she has not changed a bit, except for addition of the husband and four kids. For the first few days they will be staying a couple of doors down, so I am looking forward to spending some time and giving them a hand with adjusting. I was also making dinner for a new family that just moved into the yishuv - it's like an epidemic around here! Unfortunately, with all the commotion, both David and I forgot that Ariella was supposed to have a tutoring session. Just completely flaked. Oy, and school is approaching so quickly! By the time the tutor called, it was too late to bring her because she (the tutor) was on a tight schedule and had to leave shortly. Another stellar day in parenting. Plus, Ariella was complaining that she did not feel well, though it may just be that she wanted to wear a sweater; "But Shana and Ayelet get to wear a sweater when they don't feel well!"

Tomorrow (Thursday) I first have to finish all the Shabbat baking and start to cook for Shabbat. Then we are going to Yerushalayim to do some shopping and then head to Saba and Savta for a barbeque in homor of a visit by David's cousin Mutt, his wife Louisa, their three boys, and Louisa's parents. Should be a full house. Unfortunately, it severely limits my baking/cooking time, so I have to be extra prepared. We are hosting for Shabbat lunch a new family that we are meant to be "mentoring" as a buddy family. We also have two guests sleeping in the guest room. They are coming for the Sheva Brachot of a young couple, of whom the bride's family just moved to Israel TWO weeks ago. They thought it would not be an option to make the Shabbat here, because they felt it might be too presumptious in a new community, but friends convinced them it could be done, and it looks like it can. People really step up here!

More and more returnees are showing up - it is nice to have friends home. Just hope no one will sit in my seat in shul this Shabbat before I get there!


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