Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sweet interlude

It's Tuesday, what here is the mid-point, since it's our third day of the school/work week. I think it's finally time to post last Shabbat's cookies.
From left to right, snickerdoodles, double decker brownies bars, chocolate espresso cream wafers, honey pecan bars, and black forest cookies. The chocolate espresso cream wafers are a new offering, and they were really good - so good, in fact, that there were none left over for a photo after Shabbat. I know, should have been more efficient on Friday, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.... Anyway, the wafers are deeply chocolatey, crisp, not too sweet, and with a healthy proportion of salt compared to other cookies. The coffee flavored filling is a sweet contrast, and the whole thing works!

Another photo I neglected to post last week was this cake, which was for a four year old, new to Israel, just getting settled in, birthday. It's pretty simple, traditional bakery style buttercream covered yellow cake with chocolate buttercream filling and fondant decors randomly applied. His mom and dad really wanted him to know they were celebrating, even though circumstances were different than usual.

This week has been passing by in a blur. On Sunday night, David and I attended the wedding of the youngest son of a family that has been close with David's for about centuries. It was a beautiful venue, with an amazing view at the chuppah, and an extremely leibedik wedding. Monday brought a return to speech therapy for Ariella (YAY!) and a visit to the eye doctor for me. When I got home, Dani had a new boy in his class, Shmuel, the son of my old friend Rahel, over and they were hanging out. Then Pacey came over, and then Ori and Michael. Before I knew it, we had a testosterone party going on here. In order to escape a bit, Ariella joined me to pick up Dani's books from school. We stopped at the mailbox and received Ariella's invitation to first grade orientation, signed by her teacher. The teachers were all in a meeting and the secretary - the woman who really runs the school - was not in, so we didn't manage to meet Ariella's teacher or get class lists. Not a necessity, more an issue of curiosity to see how Dani's class is being split, and to see if there are any new additions to Ariella's class. Then we headed to the local candy/gift/t-shirt store tp pick up the final uniform t-shirt that Lola needed. While we were there, we noticed that they had restocked the supply of jeans skirts, and lo and behold, we tried on two and they were great. They may not be the cheapest in the country, but they were definitely reasonable for what they were, and if I don't have to run around to find them, I am thrilled.

Later on in the afternoon, Ariella, Dani, Ayelet, and I went to see the latest Harry Potter movie. It has been open for ages, but opened right as the three weeks started, and then life got in the way, so we didn't manage to see it, though Shana went last week. It was fun to take the other three and just sit and watch. The movie was very beautifully made, but really not a compelling film. There was little or no emotion or connection to the characters. The book was SO much better - at least Dani seems willing to read the books now, knowing that the stories they tell are more interesting and gripping, not to mentioned detailed.

Today brought a visit to the earring store for a two week check of Ariella's piercings, which are thank God fine. We searched in vain for a new backpack for her, picked up falafel, and headed home. Later tonight, we have coffee for chayalim. Have to remember cold drinks too!

Til next time.


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