Sunday, October 11, 2009

Credit where it's due

I can't believe that I am at this point in my life, but my two oldest girls have become real help in the kitchen. This erev chag, Shana and Ayelet both rolled stuffed cabbage, Ayelet made carrot kugel, knaidlach, and roasted potatoes, and Shana washed the lettuce, made salad dressing and popcorn cauliflower, and plattered all the cookies. They also did a bunch of vegetable prep, despite not loving it. I don't think we would have made it to yom tov without them. Can't believe I am saying this either, but I will be sad when they go off to school this Friday morning. The girls are both quite entertained (and made not a little incredulous) by the fact that I told them that I knew very little about cooking and baking when we first got married. They should definitely have a leg up. I do also have to give credit to my friends who follow recipes for cooking - without you, my girls would not have a plan to follow, and they would just be asking questions that I could not answer well. I have taught them the beauty of the "eyeball," but it just ain't that easy. They are getting there, though...

Also, thank you to Dani for walking Ariella to and from school every day. It makes our lives much less complicated, and he is becoming quite the responsible big brother.

I should thank Lola for wanting to help more than anyone else. When she was home sick a couple of weeks ago, she was by far the best grocery unpacker in the family. She also constantly volunteers to wash dishes and fold laundry (I have clearly done something wrong as a parent to warp her this way!). Sometimes she can even actually do these things. A challenge for me a s a person who just wants things done quickly and right, but I try not to squash her.

Thanks, y'all.


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