Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Supermarket Stats

Going to our local Rami Levy supermarket is a two man job: David hits the chicken counter and runs hither and yon, collecting the items on the list, while I do the produce collection and walk the aisles, looking for things I forgot to put on the list. Then I unload the cart while he bags the groceries, and finally, he pushes the cart, which I am sure I have mentioned refuses to go in a straight line.

Today, I am on my own. So here's how the trip went:

Reasonably good spot in the parking lot: Good
Relatively few shoppers in the store due to the time of day: Very good
Power failing repeatedly during the shopping trip: Bad
Headache from searching for groceries in low lighting: Bad
Carrying all the groceries in from the car by myself: Middling
Ariella helping me put away the groceries in the house: Undecided
Not having to do this again until at least Sunday: Priceless

And that's the rant for today. No cookies, though I am now heading to make some cookie dough after I finish dinner clean up. Wow, I live in the fast lane.


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