Sunday, November 29, 2009

I made it through the night

Thursday night was a hairy one - with so many cookies to finish (1,025, to be exact, plus margin of error), sleep was not happening. But by 12:30 pm, all the cookies were plattered, wrapped, post-it noted to indicate table placement, and ready for transport.

Somehow, they look less impressive boxed up. There are actually four or five platters in each box,, but you can't really tell. And wouldn't it have been nice to take pictures of each set of platters as they were assembled? I guess that unless I get a photographer on staff, the pictures are going to remain amateurish and sometimes an afterthought. But it was a LOTTA cookies, in a LOTTA flavors, and from what I understand, they didn't hang around all that long at kiddush. Baruch Hashem!

One platter was assembled early for a Thursday pick-up.

Orange-cranberry-white chocolate cookies, thin mints, pecan pie thumbprints, chocolate crinkles, molasses cream sandwiches, chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies, and linzer cookies.

This turned out to be quite the week for Cookie Creations - not only were our products enjoed in the yishuv, they traveled all the way to Neve Daniel via Kfar Maimon, and to Baka, to celebrate a bat mitzvah. Cool.

There is little to report on the rest of Shabbat, being that I don't recall so much. Friday night was a quick affair, and then I was dead to the world. Shabbat morning was a quiet davening, even though the shul was full. Shoshana and Steven were super kind and such good friends, and invited us for lunch, realizing even better than I did how much we needed it. We had a great time, then came home for a nap and the end of Shabbat.

That's all for now; and now we return to the old day to day grind.


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