Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Too much thinking

Can you tell from my last post that I am not getting a lot of sleep this week? This one will be a lot more down to earth. So here is a short summary of my misadventures thus far this week:
1. Ariella accidentally spilled hot cocoa on my laptop, causing the mousepad to short out and go crazy. Fortunately, it seems to have recovered/dried out overnight.
2. She followed that up by pouring half a bottle of sweet and sour sauce on her dinner plate last night, after hearing me tell her that she was not allowed to pour it herself. Then I stood up to get something, and that, as they say, is the rest of the story. Suffice it to say, she went to bed at 6:40 last night.
2. Our instahot seems to have died during the night. Not the first time this has happened, but a yicky way to start the day - making a cup of coffee, only to discover its utter coldness. We are hoping for a repeat performance of t'chiyat hameitim in a couple of weeks.
3. Tried to leave for the supermarket, only to discover that I could not lock the door. After a major league panic - my husband is not here, and I can not lock the door, so I can not leave the house for two days!!! - I finally figured out that the bottom hinge was coming apart, and was lucky that Binyamin, local hero, took my call and was here to solve the problem within minutes. Also lucky that he now knows me as "Dvora, ishto shel hagabbai David." - Dvora, David the gabbai's wife. Unlucky - I could not fulfil his wish to become a Cohen.
4. Discovered water leaking through the wall in David's office. I cleaned up and let him know - apparently, this is a problem that he thought was fixed. Guess you can't actually know unless it rains, which it had barely done for a long time.
5. According to the Water Authority, the Kinneret is up 7 centimeters since the 29th of October. Chasdei Hashem, indeed!! Okay, not a misadventure, but the water is making life a little topsy turvy, and definitely worth a mention. Still, yay for rain!
6. Joined the masses of parents who were surprised by the cold weather and did not have long sleeve uniform shirts for the kids. Made a quick trip to Cabesa, got shirts for both Lola and Dani, watched the logos get ironed on, dropped Lola at gymnastics and Dani at a friend, and was home in under 25 minutes.
7. The girls all wore rain boots today, and Shana even wore a winter coat today. Rest assured they will be in sandals by Shabbat.
8. Trying a new baking recipe today - I am sure it will bomb. But why not try?
9. I am hoping for psychic powers to convince the laundry to fold itself. So far, no luck, but several candles have spontaneously lit themselves. Yeah, yeah, just joking.

Hoping for a more boring day tomorrow.


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