Sunday, December 27, 2009

G-d said Ha!

Shana turned 16 this week. I am officially really, really old. And, yeah, it really is all about me. To celebrate, a bunch of Shana's friends slept over for Shabbat, and it was a very nice one. We enjoyed the girls, and they all seem to have had a nice time. Unfortunately, Ariella graced us with another stomach virus, waking up Shabbat morning with the pronouncement, "Imma, I am barfing!" She spent the day in the bathroom and in bed, but we seemed to have kept her away from everyone. That is, everyone but me. I was the proud recipient of the handed-off virus, losing the entire Sunday to yuckiness. I had plans to work on my project, but that was just plain impossible. Man proposes, G-d disposes. I guess the work will continue tomorrow, in between making up for lost cleaning and laundry.

Shana's birthday cake was a miracle of speed - frosted and decorated in under 40 minutes. It is a little slapdash, and looked much better an hour after this picture was taken (such is the nature of fondant). Unfortunately, that was already Shabbat, so photography as an option, not so much.

But the bottom line, it was delicious - moist chocolate cake, mocha filling, buttercream frosting - and everything was spelled right. In all the rush, what did I fail to do? TAKE A PICTURE OF A SHABBAT PLATTER. See, Arica, I do need the post-it! It would go well with the 9 am book club reminder call that I require in order to not flake on the 9:30 meeting. Shana certainly gets her "ditza-ness" from somewhere.

This week is starting with a bang - had to blow off Ayelet's teacher conference because of my inability to leave my room, much less the house. Hope she did not have anything to critical to say! Have a great week, everyone.


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