Thursday, June 18, 2009

The party's over

Yes, it has arrived: that bittersweet time of the year when school ends. In truth, only Shana and Ayelet are done with classes; Dani and Ariella continue on to the 30th. Then we get one free day and camp starts, so all in all, survivable. Yesterday the older girls went on their overnight with school, leaving things kind of quiet here. Of course, it took the girls a good 24 hours to pack up their food, clothing, and gear for a 20 hour tiyul, but we don't need to reflect on the irony. They will be back in a few hours, having had fun, but dirty, tired, possibly bitten up by mosquitoes, and probably very, very pleasant. On the plus side, I did not have to worry about their report cards - both girls did phenomenally well, and we are really proud of them. Ayelet called immediately after school to report in, sounding very pleased with herself. When a similar call from Shana did not happen, we got a little nervous. But when I called her, she said of course she got her report card, and of course she did well. So why didn't she call? She just didn't think of it. I guess she is all grown up - didn't need to announce her success, just knew for herself that she had done well.
Busy getting ready for Shabbat - assembling the cookie platters usually comes first on Friday, but I feel a little lost without my assistant Shana. This week's flavors: banana chocolate chip bars, chai spice sugar cookies, fudgy oatmeal brownies, honey pecan squares, and whoopie pies (that one's for you, Josh Saltzman!) Dani has a Shabbat kitah, which means the boys are paired off and are meant to eat one meal at each boy's home. But Dani's partner's parents are away for Shabbat, so they will be here for dinner and lunch, as well as a sleepover, and then we (they boys and the parents) have seuda shlishit together. In addition, we are having a lot of lunch company - Arica and Josh, and Sara and Akiva and their families. They are all abandoning us this week - wait, Arica, when are you leaving? - so it will be nice to spend some time before the exodus.
I am off to my cooking and cleaning, so I will take this opportunity to wish one and all a Shabbat Shalom. Cookie details and pix after Shabbat (b'li neder)!

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Howard Chaim said...

Pictures please!!

This is a great diet -- get hungry, but cannot eat the cookies. Chaval


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