Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time keeps on slippin...

It's already Tuesday, the week is in full swing, and last Shabbat's cookies have not yet been posted. Amazing how the time just gets away from you (is that a too frequent refrain in my life?). I have spent some time this week setting up a facebook page for Dvora's Cookie Creations, so check it out when you get a chance - become a fan, if you feel like it! Uploading the pictures and stuff took a while, but I look forward to positive results from it.
Since my last post, Shana and Ayelet came home from their tiyul exactly as expected, and both girls fell fast asleep on the couches after candle lighting Friday night. They woke up long enough to have dinner, and then slept very soundly until woken up at 9:30 Shabbat morning. Dani's friend Amit was with us for Shabbat. We had a chance to practice our Hebrew (though he has a very nice English, and OUTSTANDING comprehension), and he entertained us thoroughly. Lunch with the Davises and Saltzmans was fun even though I am annoyed that they are abandoning us to the hot Israeli summer. We managed to rest and then to go to Dani's class seuda shlishit. It was a nice program, run by his Morah Michal, about whom I can not say enough nice things. We are fortunate that Dani has such a talented and insightful mechanechet (not mechaneches, for those who understand the distinction!).

On Sunday, David went with Dani to Kraft in Yerushalayim for the end of the flag football season. It was supposed to be championship games between the teams, but didn't quite work out that way. We are definitely not sending him to this chug again next year - at least he had a decent time.

Monday was Ariella's mesibat siyum for gymnastics. Also a balagan - too many grades together in one small space. I am proud that she was willing to participate, as many of the kids her age didn't come, or just chickened out. She had enough about halfway through, so we left. But she looked cute!So on to the cookies:
Once again, I forgot to photograph a platter until they were all wrapped. This is a 24 piece platter, with banana chocolate chip bars, chai spice sugar cookies, honey pecan squares, whoopie pies, and oatmeal brownies. And here is one wrapped for gifting:
Here are the individual flavors:
Banana chocolate chip bars - soft bars flavored with banana, filled with chocolate chips, topped with chocolate frosting.Chai spice sugar cookies - soft sugar cookies, flavored with Indian spices like cardamom and ginger, both in the cookie and in the rolling sugar.
Honey pecan squares - brown sugar shortbread crust, topped with lots of pecans and a honey sweetened filling. Yummy! (sorry Dani)
Whoopie pies! Soft chocolate cookies, vanilla filling, like an Oreo Cakester!

Oatmeal brownies - fudge brownies, with an oatmeal crust on the bottom and more oatmeal on top. They were good, but I didn't love them, since they were not what I had envisioned. I guess it's back to the drawing board - I will let you know when I have real success with this one.
Finally, Monday was my last boys' chug. To celebrate, I made a book shaped cake. To be honest, I made it as kind of a throwaway: my easiest yellow cake recipe, that truly, I would not use on customers because it's fine, but not outstanding, and a quick decorating job - not glass smooth, not professional quality, but fine for 11 and 12 year old boys. And they seemed to enjoy it, so that was all good. Now I know that I would like a book shaped pan rather than carving, or at least have a deeper base to start with. For someone's upsherin or graduation or something, I guess.
And that's all folks - back to the kitchen for me!

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