Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Siman tov u'mazal tov

David and I just returned from the first wedding of the week - the daughter of friends of ours from the yishuv. The wedding was beautiful and the couple were absolutely adorable. Wishing lots of nachat to everyone. I enjoyed a rager of a headache from pretty much the first minute we arrived, but thanks to a couple of Tylenol and rum and diet coke, I was able to make it through without passing out or throwing up. TMI, perhaps? In any case, I sat at a great table full of friends and was happy to be there to celebrate. One of my former students, Ahuva, was here for the wedding as a friend of the kallah, both from high school and seminary. It was great to see her, though I must admit that it definitely ages me. Tomorrow is another wedding, of a family friend, and Thursday is Ariella's mesibat siyum. B"H for smachot, though it can be exhausting. Better this than the alternative.

Today was mostly spent baking and frosting a bar mitzvah cake, which gets delivered to the customer tomorrow. It is a sefer torah with tefillin sitting on top. The last time I made a sefer torah I swore that I would never attempt it again, and this time I just swore. It is very difficult to get super-smooth icing on a cake that is shaped like this. That just offends the compulsive perfectionist part of me. Also, the roll cake parts that form the scrolls are a big pain because their composition makes them slippery, preventing the buttercream from "wanting" to stick to the cake. But I hope it comes out well, and makes the baalei simcha very happy. Tomorrow is decoration morning, so I will post b"h soon.

For those who asked: Shana's bagrut is over, and she thinks it went well. Now is a lot of waiting. A matkonet, which I mentioned previously, is a test giving by the high school to check skills and prepare students for the test. Two are given shortly before a bagrut, and their grades are worked in with the year's performance to create a grade for the whole year. Then the year grade is balanced with the bagrut grade to give kids a fair shot in case they have a bad day for the bagrut. At least that is what my little olah chadasha brain understands...

And that's all folks - and yes, I am going to sleep, so never worry, never fear. G'night

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