Monday, June 29, 2009

End of school dinner at Noah's Ark

Back in the Old Country, we had a yearly tradition of taking the kids out to Noah's Ark for dinner to celebrate the end of the school year. As a teacher, I was probably celebrating even more than they did. So with the last day of school about to rear its ugly head (see the change in attitude now that I am not a classroom teacher?), we couldn't quite make it to Teaneck, so we did the next best thing: Noah's Ark style dinner at home. Although there were no barrel pickles in metal bowls, to Shana's great sorrow, and no cole slaw waiting to fill us up as we waited for our Early Bird Specials, we enjoyed nonetheless. We had Chicken Francese, yellow rice, and steamed vegetables with garlic and lemon. Just what the kids would have ordered - David did miss his ribs and steak fries, but even he was happy.

Forgot to mention that on Friday, David took Dani, as well as Yosef and Binyamin Wallin, to bring ices and cold soda to the chayalim before Shabbat. We are part of the yishuv rotation to bring coffee and nosh to the machsomim every night, but this was the first time we had a Friday - an addition which was added to the schedule only recently. It was actually our second turn this month; the summer months find many of the regulars out of town, and some of those of us who are manning the homefront double up on turns. The chayalim are always so grateful and gracious. It makes me feel like I am building up goodwill on high for when Dani is in the army. It makes the mind wobble to see how young some of these guys are, young men and women who are protecting us 24/7.

Yesterday we had the nicest surprise visit from David's cousin's Malkie and Dave, who are here on business. They were staying in Tel Aviv and came on down to see us. We have not seen them in a couple of years, so it was great to catch up on their family and what all the kids and grandkids are up to. I think they got a kick out of being in the shtachim and seeing the neighboring Arab villages, not to mention the separation fence. They also seemed to like the neighborhood - they were not accustomed to seeing houses, rather than apartments, and lots of greenery and landscaping.

And now I am going to batten down the hatches for the very last day of school, and do a little baking prep. Have a good day/night!

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