Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy to be here

Even in the quiet days of summer, even with many friends away in the States, life here in Chashmonaim is very full. On Tuesday evening we attended an engagement party for the children of two families here in the yishuv. The chattan and kallah have known each other for 15 years, when their families were neighbors. The party was lovely, the couple adorable, and the speeches charming. Plus there was wine. What could be bad?! Of course, not all the news here is good, so it is nice to have something to celebrate.

Thursday night was the wedding of the son of our neighbors. They are very special people, who were so helpful to us as we were getting ready to move in and ever since. And it was a beautiful, joyous, leibedik wedding. It was also nice to see a bunch of people from Modiin, the kallah's home. On Shabbat, we went to a kiddush for two bar mitzvahs - second cousins, born the same week. They davened in the same shul, separate for Shacharit and laining, and all together for Mussaf. We will also be attending the Sunday night party for one of the boys, then going to Sheva Brachot on Monday. But all the fun will end Thursday, with Sh'va Asar b'Tammuz.

For Shabbat lunch, we did potluck with two families, to reward ourselves for being here and not going to the States! It was a lot of fun, and much less work to make a few dishes each but still enjoy a great meal with great company. For dessert I made cupcakes, a sort of test run for a job later in the week - really I wanted to practice piping with the large star tip, since it's been a while. Better to practice in advance than make myself crazy the day of the job!
This week's cookie flavors were chosen by my friend (and customer) Nicky, in honor of her birthday.
Nicky chose chewy chocolate chip cookies, mint brownies, Mexican brownies, lemon wedges, and cranberry-orange-white chocolate cookies. I catered the cookies for her son's bar mitzvah last year, and Nicky had a chance to develop some real favorites. Hope she enjoyed - and everyone else!
Shavua tov, y'all!

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