Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Boring update without a clever title

So what have we been doing lately? On Sunday night, David and I took the kids out to New Deli, where we had a good time and enjoyed dinner immensely. New Deli is a sandwich shop, with lots of very tasty cold cuts and other offerings, with a large choice of toppings. Everyone can find something to enjoy (a rarity what with a few picky eaters in the house), and we got to spend our voucher from the on-line auction. Interestingly, without even trying, our total came to exactly the value of the voucher. Cool.

On Monday, David and I went out to celebrate my birthday (just a bit late, but nice to do) with dinner at Masik, in Modiin. We had seen a bunch of glowing reviews, and had heard from friends that the food was good, though not superlative. Lori, you were right. The food was quite good, though the menu was limited and a little all over the place. It is a nice thing that you have a range of prices, but I felt like they needed to decide whether they wanted to serve cuisine or bar food. But we enjoyed, especially the night out together.

Ayelet started her mother's helper job on Tuesday. It is actually more babysitting, and she is very happy watching kids who really love her like an extra older sister. Tiki wanted to know if Dani was coming too. Dani slept over at his friend Itamar's house, where he enjoyed a birthday party barbeque, and a 3:30 am wake-up call to watch the All-Star game. Unfortunately, he did not get back to sleep afterward, so he was a little (LOT) loopy when he got home Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully (I know it's an improper use of hopefully but it fits the bill here) he will sleep off the insanity tonight and will get back toa normal level of fighting with his sisters tomorrow.

Ariella is very thoughtfully keeping our dentist solvent. She complained of one of her teeth hurting, and sure enough, she needed ANOTHER baby root canal. Fortunately, she is not like her brother and is an excellent dental patient. This was her first experience with Novocaine, however, and the numbness kind of wigged her out at the end. That was exacerbated by my letting Dr. Abboudi pop out her very loose front tooth (by way of begging him to take care of it), so by the time we got home she was good and peeved. She recovered not too much later, thank goodness.

I guess the promise of a visit from the tooth fairy made it all better. Too bad Lola can never just smile for the camera - she always needs to "pose" and make herself look goofier. But we'll keep her anyway.

Had a little fun playing around with some old frosting and cupcakes.

See, it's not just Shana who needs to find some entertainment. She is looking forward to getting together with her friends Shobi and Chana from the alte heim, and she is waiting to hear about a job schedule, babysitting at the local gym. It's something to do! Then we vacation, then her friend Elana comes to stay with us for a week, then the summer's over. So really, it's no time at all. No big deal. Hey, I just Seinfelded the whole interminable time!

And by the way, it RAINED today. It drizzled for a few minutes, poured for about thirty seconds, then stopped and if it weren't for all the dirt droplets on my car, you would never have known because the sun came right out. Thought it wasn't supposed to rain now. Must be one of the signs of the apocalypse.


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