Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Breakfast for dinner

During the Nine Days, eating breakfast for dinner is a common theme. Eating milchigs all the time is really hard on this family of carnivores. Tonight was pancake night, which the kids wolf down. I use Ina Garten's pancake recipe, which has sour cream in it, and it makes fabulous pancakes. I didn't even mind standing over the stove to fry a double recipe. Astonishingly, there are only about four pancakes left, just enough to inspire fights in the morning.

Ariella made a return appearance at the dentist today. She developed an infection in her gum, which the pediatrician identified and treated with antibiotics, but we still had to find the cause. It turns out to be another cavity, under an existing filling. I hate to think what terrible care I must have taken of myself when I was pregnant, because this kid's teeth scream poor pre-natal care. And here I thought I did a good job. Truthfully, I would not be surprised if it had a lot to do with all the allergies and medical formula Ariella suffered through her first year. But she is healthy and happy and hilarious, so I have no complaints.

I am doing a lot of baking this week for a summer special I am running - fan favorites, nine flavors in all. Blog readers, you get a special sneak peek at the results: Whoopie pies, molasses cream sandwiches, orange cranberry white chocolate cookies, linzer cookies, thin mint sandwiches, mexican brownies, peanut butter bites, lemon bars, and blueberry bars. Sugar cookie ganache sandwiches are number 10, and they are part of a special order, as well as a substitution for nut free trays. Ten kinds of cookies - what am I , insane?! So now it's back to the rolling pin. For whatever reason, I love rolling out cookies. I am still enjoying all this insanity!

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Arica said...

Not fair that my favorites are while I am away!

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