Monday, July 6, 2009

The mind is the first thing to go

Today is, wait for it, my 38th birthday. I have now officially celebrated two go-rounds of matching up Hebrew and English birthdays, which makes me old. It does not actually match up perfectly, which is weird, but apparently not so unusual. And don't even got me started on how anti-climactic it is to not have two days to celebrate, not to mention all the days in between!

So to celebrate, we went out to ... Sheva Brachot! Our actual going out date will have to wait for next week, but that's okay. This was Sheva Brachot for Rafi and Esther, the son and new daughter-in-law of our neighbors, the same chattan and kallah whose beautiful wedding we went to on Thursday night. The evening was at another one of our neighbors, and it was a lot of fun. It was a first for us, but the entertainment portion of the evening was The Newlywed Game. Several couples from the guests were called up to participate, including the chattan and kallah (thankfully not us, as we are a bit shy, at least "camera-shy"). It was really funny, and interesting to see that longevity was absolutely not a factor in winning. All the guests contributed to the meal, and there was a lot of yummy milchig food. I made (surprise, surprise) cookies: thin mint sandwiches, molasses cream sandwiches, and glazed lemon cookies. I forgot to take a picture of the platters - senility is already setting in - but I did photograph a couple of the flavors. The top if the lemon glazed, and the bottom is the molasses cream. Thin mints have been previously photographed - sorry, trying not to repeat myself.

Not too much else is going on here. Dani and Lola are happily in camp, and Dani is also in afternoon sports camp. He is going on an overnight tiyul tomorrow, and Ariella is going to the Biblical Zoo in Yerushalayim, which should make her very happy. She is following the lead of her older siblings, insisting that she had to pack up mamtakim (sweets) because she is going on a tiyul! Ayelet is sleeping at Carmi's tonight - one last chance to hang out before Carmi leaves for camp in the States. We will all miss her, but certainly Ayelet will the most.

Tomorrow is cupcake day - I have to fill an order for two dozen cupcakes, and then I need to start on prep for Shabbat orders. Looks like I am going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen in the next few days!

Have a good one!


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