Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Loads of fun laundry

In anxious anticipation of the Nine Days, I am spending today washing every item of clothing I can get my hands on. This is not to say that I will not do any laundry until after Tisha B'Av; certainly at some point I will have to wash or everyone will look like the Simpsons did three hours after Marge went on vacation. If you never saw the episode, it means wearing torn, filthy rags and eating dog food. But of course the dog food part is not valid, because that's fleishig! Anyhow, I HATE, HATE, HATE laundry (can't tell you why, but it makes me feel bad to do it, and also bad if I put it off, so I am not sure which is the worse choice) but at least I know that I can put off washing as much as possible for the next nine days! Shouldn't feel that good about a sad period of time, but them's the breaks.

It is ridiculously hot, though not a sharav, so the consolation is that it could be hotter. In an effort to conserve electricity, both as good citizens who are concerned for the environment and as normal people trying to keep the bills down, we are using as little a/c as possible. Right now I am too lazy to go turn it on, but too lazy to continue typing while I am this warm. Taking a shower to cool off is not an option, as the cost of water has increased exponentially recently because of a tax instituted to get people to try to conserve. It is important (as Ariella says, "We have to l'hatzeel the Kinewet"), but man, is the prospect of going over the household allotment, which then costs 20 shekel per cubic meter, a scary thing. We have the potential to raise our bills a lot if we are not super careful and reduce our usage. And no, Dani, that does not mean you don't have to shower. It just means you had better speed it up!!!

Have to get to work making our last supper...ha, ha, just the last fleishigs til Shabbat, and prepping for this week's Dvora's Cookie Creations summer special - nine flavors (instead of five) chosen by fans as their favorites. It's not a strictly scientific sample, but it should be very yummy for everyone. More info later in the week.

Stay cool, if you can.

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rena said...

Woah, Dvo, so much to say:
1. You hate doing laundry? Am I the only one who thinks its actually cathartic? Then again, I'm not a family of 6.
2. The water tax IS scary -- I bet Dani's trying to count a swim as a shower :)
3. Are you still calling Ariella "Lola"? Because, since Elah is now "Lulu," we have Lulu and Lola? Are we a family of Flamenco dancers?

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