Monday, July 13, 2009

Things that make me laugh

These are things that have made me giggle in the recent past (or sometimes chuckle, guffaw, snort, or even weep with laughter):
1. Ariella telling me that one of her friends was inSAHLted, and me suddenly realizing and accepting that, my G-d, she really does speak English with an accent.
2. 30 Rock's priceless season ender, "Kidney Now." All the Michael Jackson insanity caused me to hear the original "We are the World" repeatedly, which in turn confirmed how spot-on hilarious this parody was. Not erasing that from my hard drive, but you can find it on Youtube.
3. The Office. The whole series. Which I have recently watched. Yes, the whole series.
4. Cakewrecks. My sister Rena sent me the link, I laughed so hard that David thought I was having a nervous breakdown, and now Shana and Ayelet made me a birthday cake based on one of the pictures there. They did not write, however, "I want sprinkles" on the top, so it was a sweet and not a wreck. Find it at I still have not made it through the whole thing, because it's nice to always have a little funny in reserve. And even better, there's always new stuff!
5. That's it. I got nuthin' else. Anyone, any suggestions for the next funny?



Arica said...

I completely forgot about cake wrecks! I found it while on bed rest and don't know why I never mentioned it to you! Glad you enjoy it!

Dvora said...

Can't believe you were even allowed to read it on bed rest! Didn't it make you laugh too hard and put you at risk?!

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