Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Too much pressure to write a snappy title

My mom has commented to me how she marvels at my ability to come up with clever titles. While I beg to differ - they have rarely been all that witty - now I am completely blocked. I got nothing. Thanks, Mom!!! Just kidding - no offense intended. So here I go, continuing on with my second century of posts. No, not 100 years, just 100 posts. And you all are stuck with the lamest of headlines.

Because I can't help myself, I tried another new cookie last week - homemade Oreos. Do not let yourself confuse them with Whoopie Pies, which, despite the fact that our friend Josh B. calls them homemade Oreos, they are really more like Devil Dogs or Cakesters. These new cookies were crisp chocolate sugar cookies with a vanilla cream center. You can choose whether you prefer to take bites or open them up first and lick out the creamy middle. These were originally fashioned as drop cookies coated in sugar, but I think I will try them as a roll-out next time and see what ensues.

I did - barely - manage to take a picture of last week's variety, though already packed up, the plastic wrap a sign of my forgetfulness.

The selection included kicked-up chocolate chip cookies, glazed orange bars, vanilla cream filled chocolate sandwiches, lemon rosemary shortbread, caramel brownies, and whote chocolate cherry cookies. I did not manage to photograph the birthday cupcakes I made for Rafi and Burry, twin brothers celebrating their 15th birthday. They ordered vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, half red (Rafi's color) and half blue (Burry's choice). Happy Birthday guys!!

This week is quieter, with some mini-dessert experimenting taking place. If it successful, you will be the first to read all about it. If it fails, well, we never had this conversation, got it?!


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