Wednesday, September 16, 2009


456 - that's the number of cookies (minimum) that I have to produce for Rosh Hashana. 476 is the number I need to make the platters look right. Baruch Hashem, business is good. But that's a lot of cookies. I am doing a lot of variety, including a few recipes that I developed for the chag, featuring some traditional flavors for the New Year (assuming they come out good, you'll be hearing about them in the near future). And I still have not managed to bake my grandparents' honey chiffon cake. It would not be Rosh Hashana without it, even if David doesn't much care for it. So if I don't get to talk to you on the phone, or if I see you on the street and don't stop to chat, I ask mechila right now. It's nothing personal, just self-preservation. I am attempting to go somewhat incommunicado. It's my lame attempt at time management. And if you do see me up close, please don't let me know if I have bags under my eyes. That's also self-preservation, and the lovely state of denial.

Just a little side note - if you are a regular reader, become a follower! Let me know you are out there. I know you are lurking; my sitetracker tells me so.

Sorry to post and run. To paraphrase the Dunkin Donuts guy, it's time to bake the cookies...


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