Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The times, they are a-changin'

Actually, it is the clock that was a-changed, just in time for Yom Kippur. Chalk this up to yet another advantage to living in the Holy Land; the clock is changed just before Yom Kippur, so the fast starts earlier and ENDS EARLIER. We were finished just a few minutes after six. Awesome! Made havdalah, broke our fast, put up the sukkah (my sukkah is a metaphor - two things at once; it is a sukkah, it is a pergola, and in fact it takes about five minutes to make it into a kosher sukkah), and move on to the new year. The kids made it through the tzom with flying colors. Dani seems to be a very able faster, and he is still over a year away from his bar mitzvah. Ariella sat in shul for all of Kol Nidrei and Maariv, and then for all of Neilah - she was truly awesome, and got a barad from Kabesa on her way home from gymnastics (or gy-mastics, as it has been known to be called).

But back to the time change. While it is really cool to gain an hour, it actually feels like we are jet-lagged. Darkness setting in that much earlier will take getting used to. Further details on this past week's events will have to wait a bit, until I have more energy.

Be back soon...


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