Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Could this happen anywhere else?

Just a brief aside.
Well over a year ago, our local Rami Levy (a supermarket chain) built a larger building behind the existing store. At first, everyone said that the store, which was cramped and crowded, would be moving into the larger space. But then the current space was enlarged to double the size. Shopping became more pleasant, and we got used to the layout and quirks of the store. We heard through the grapevine that the moving plans had been shelved indefinitely. Then suddenly, with absolutely no warning, yesterday morning, the store was no longer in its old location. Shoppers approached the door and found NOTHING. Not a sign to warn or advise, no grand opening excitement, no advertising campaign. Just a complete overnight relocation. It had moved to the larger, roomier, lighter new space. We should cheer, right? Maybe we will eventually, but in the meantime, the parking is woefully inadequate, and the ramps over the curbs are too steep to negotiate with a full cart. Yet another example of fine urban planning in the greater Modiin area.

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