Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And now back to our regularly scheduled program

After my brief digression, let us return to the exciting events that make up the life of Dvora's Cookie Creations's creator. Since I forgot to mention it before, the kiddush went brilliantly. By that, I mean the whole thing, not just my little piece of it. It was really beautiful and elaborate, especially for this neighborhood. We do not have a great many shul kiddushes here - people tend to stick more to kiddush at home, Friday night oneg, or seuda shlishit. I think it is an issue of expense and crowding, though I am not entirely sure. Perhaps it is also a matter of controlling the guest list. This, though, was a real NY style kiddush - cold cuts, kugels, hot dogs, salads, cakes, cookies, fruit, cholent: the whole nine yards. I was under the impression, and Caryn later confirmed, that not a cookie was left at the end! I got lots of great feedback, and I am hopeful that this will translate into increased business. On the other hand, I can't imagine not forming every single cookie, or not being able to.

Sunday afternoon was a return to tutoring with my longest standing student, Avi. I guess the summer really is over (a recurring theme in my life right now). Sunday evening was my, wait for it, 20 year high school reunion. Can you believe it's been 20 years since we left the hallowed halls of HAGWash? The real reunion was back in Silver Spring, but we held a satellite reunion here, in the home of yours truly, as we are the most central. Also, I am the only woman in the group, and I am sure that figures into the equation as well. But that is just a reflection, not a complaint. It was absolutely wonderful to see my old friends after a very long time. One of the olim of the class of '89, Robbie, was unfortunately not able to join us, but the other three, Ari, David, and Michael, came over with their wives. It was especially nice because the four of us had been together in an accelerated math class beginning in second grade, all the way through BC Calculus in 11th. So much of my school experience was informed by these guys, that it was really special, at least for me, to reunite. I will say, there is no reason that we had not gotten together with any or all of these couples before now, except that I did not realize how consuming and even traumatic aliyah was at first, at least for me. Making a "normal" life was the driving force for me. Socializing went on the back burner. Then life, and the routines you have started to establish, sort of take over. I hope that we will now all stay in touch, and I also hope that our lives here are settled enough to go out and have more fun!

The evening was a lot of fun - a nice mishmash of reminiscing, catching up, and just hanging out. We Skyped (very Buffy of me to turn a proper noun into a verb - only adjectivizing it would be better) with the folks at the reunion in the US. One very special moment was talking to Mr. Magee, our high school history teacher who is now 88 years old. I always loved his classes, and was relieved to see what good condition he was in, considering his age and the fact that he was not so healthy during our senior year. But some things never change: he asked the guys about their jobs, then asked me how many kids I have. I responded "Four children, and I am an English teacher." I figured I would refrain from adding, "and I bake lots of cookies in my kitchen..." Didn't want to bolster the stereotype. Anyway, it was a fun, late night. Here is a picture of the four of us - David, Michael, me, and Ari. I think we all look a little older, but as the token female, I think I look the most different (euphemism for fatter). Guess it's a hazard of the profession. I like to think I am Gale Gand fabulous, just not Giada DeLaurentis fabulous.

The rest of the week has been consumed with Back to School nights and grocery shopping and just life. We are getting back into the routines of homework, and leaning the ropes with Lola. And now, lots of dough to prep, cookies to bake, filling to make... Glad I am still enjoying it. And I will, b'li neder, remember to take pictures this week, but if I don't, it's not my fault - my sous chef and food stylist, Shana, will be leaving Friday morning for a Shabbat shichva. And we suddenly ended up with a very full house this Shabbat. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a lot of hachnasat orchim, and the chance just fell in our laps. It's all a bracha, right?!


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