Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Now, where were we?

We seem to have gone astray in the ongoing adventures of Dvora's Cookie Creations. When last we met, we were finishing up with Rosh Hashana. The remainder of the Aseret Y'mai Teshuva went rather quickly. Shana and Ayelet finished up with school - they are off from Friday before Shabbat Shuva until after Isru Chag of Sukkot. That's a lot of time off, ostensibly to help. I am going to be taking then up on that... Ariella was out sick from school for two days, with a cough and congestion. Baruch Hashem, she did not have fever, so we got the "all clear of swine flu" note from the doctor, and she was able to return to school on Friday. The week's cookies, plus cookies that went to Efrat in honor of the new nephew, somehow were done and the food for Shabbat got cooked. We had a "quiet Shabbos," as Dani likes to call it. Our friends Laura and Danny made a beautiful kiddush on Shabbat day, a seudat hodaya in celebration of two years since Danny survived a pulmonary embolism. Laura said that it took this long for Danny to really internalize what had happened. The kiddush was catered, beautifully, and there were throngs of friends enjoying the weather and the company. Here's to many more years of good health and happiness to Danny, to Laura, and to all of us. While I do enjoy a nice kiddush, I must say that this is the second near-death experience kiddush we have attended in a matter of weeks. Let's all stay safe, shall we, and do kiddushes for fun things...

The rest of Shabbat went quickly, and before we knew it, it was Sunday and time for the Seudah Mafseket. Yom Kippur went well for everyone - hope Hashem thinks so, too - and then it was over. Tuesday morning was our new nephew's brit, and that brings us to today.

Reports on last week's cookies, including Shalom Zachar cookies, will follow in another post.


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