Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another lousy day

I don't think "lousy" quite sums up the bad-ness of this day. But this is rated G, so we will go with it. Another post with no pictures, no baking, no joy. We woke this morning to the news that a rocket had fallen in Beer Sheva, injuring one, and other rockets had missed their marks elsewhere in the south. Numerous mortars and rockets rained down today. School was cancelled in Be'er Sheva, so that families could sit at home together, near their bomb shelters, waiting for another siren to sound, giving them the seconds they need to escape inside and pray for the best. And then this afternoon, a bomb near the central bus station. An explosive, packed with ball bearings, was left by a bus stop. Just as an alert passer-by called the police to report the suspicious object, it exploded, injuring 34 and ultimately killing a 60 year old woman. We immediately scrambled to get in touch with all of our kids - logically, they should have been safe in school, but who knows? Maybe someone got out early, stopped for coffee, stood chatting with a friend at a bus stop. The cell networks were overloaded, making it difficult to make contact. When we finally ascertained that they were all okay, we started on the next round, checking on the rest of the family, playing broken telephone because of the, well, broken telephone lines. We can be grateful that everyone is fine. But many people are not. Many of the victims were young, students on their way home. Seminary girls, whose parents sent them for a year of learning and growth. We all know the risk is there, but we never think it could happen to us. So why did this happen, this return to terror in West Jerusalem? The first explosive successfully detonated by terrorists in four year? "It's a natural reaction to Zionist aggression." Who knew the act of taking a bus was so darned aggressive. That existing was an act of aggression. And we will likely be castigated for any reaction, which will be labeled as "out of proportion." But to quote the status that is flying across Facebook: News Flash: Family in Laredo, Texas massacred in their sleep; bomb hits bus #74 outside D.C. Convention Center injuring dozens and killing at least one; dozens of rockets and missiles continue falling in Fairfax, Virginia. Do I have your attention? Is this completely insane and far-fetched? Then why is it allowed to be commonplace in Israel? Just a little something to chew on, as there will be no cookies today. Dvora

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