Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bar Mitzvah Madness

This bar mitzvah post will not have any pictures of goodies. Why? Because this is my son's bar mitzvah, and I did so much baking that there was no time for pictures before the event. And since most of the baking was aimed toward the kiddush after davening on Shabbat morning, there are no pictures of that either, it being Shabbat and all. But rest assured, it was really beautiful. As a proud mother let me say that Dani did an unbelievable job. His leining went off without a hitch - better that we ever imagined. The consensus was that he did not sound like a bar mitzvah boy; he was confident, calm, and composed. Our other kids did a brilliant job in helping with the preparation and just being great sisters. As a baker, I am so glad that things went really well. For Friday night dinner, I prepared a plated dessert: mini-Kahlua cakes with Kahlua drizzle, mini cocolate trifle, and strawberries. Shabbat lunch dessert was a buffet: mini lemon mousses, mini chocolate mousses, chocolate cinnamon cake with mocha glaze, Harvey Wallbanger cake, Oreo crumb cake from Shoshana, pies from Claire, fruit, and of course, cookies and mini-cupcakes. And for the kiddush - such a shame that there are no pictures, so you will have to settle for a list: espresso double chocolate chunk cookies, ginger crinkles, orange-cranberry-white chocolate cookies, peanut butter oatmeal sandwiches, molasses cream sandwiches, thin mint sandwiches, sugar cookie ganache sandwiches, glazed lemon cookies, chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies, lemon drop sandwiches, linzer cookies, ginger white chocolate blondies, chewy cherry oatmeal bars, double decker brownies, cherry-pecan-white chocolate blondies spiked with whiskey, coffee and cream brownies, tuxedo brownies, chocolate dipped pecan pie shortbread, rainbow mini-cupcakes with white vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles, snickerdoodle mini-cupcakes (topped with fluffy vanilla buttercream and cinnamon-sugar), red velvet mini-cupcake (topped with fluffy vanilla buttercream and red sprinkles), vanilla cream filled vanilla mini-cupcakes topped with buttercream and chocolate tefilin, chocolate mousse buttercream filled chocolate mini-cupcakes topped with buttercream and square chocolates embossed with tefillin, and finally, cake pops. Was that enough? It was a real joy to be able to make everything for my son's bar mitzvah kiddush myself, and am grateful that I was able to pull it off. There are a couple of things I had hoped to make, but never got to. I am pretty sure I am the only one who noticed. May we only hear about smachot. Dvora


Arica said...

Um....Hello??? You forgot to list the BEST cookie at the kiddush. Remember, the most beautiful cookies there that most people didn't see them as they got eaten so fast. The gorgeous torah cookies. Don't sell yourself short :)

Anonymous said...

Mazal tov!
My sister told me it was AMAZING, an incredible display of so many luscious desserts.
Just reading the above list . . . all I can say is "wow!"

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