Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rafi's Bar Mitzvah

For Rafi's bar mitzvah, a large group of friends from the US wanted to send something special for the Thursday morning celebration in the Old City. Rafi is here for the year with his family, and his family's close friends wanted to help out with the preparations, something that would have been easy within the community. But from 7000 miles away, Cookie Creations can fill the void. The two giant platters contained a large variety of flavors.Linzer cookies, toffee bars, orange-cranberry white chocolate cookies, thin mint sandwiches, double decker brownie bars, espresso double chocolate chunk cookies, and ginger crinkles. On top, Sefer Torah sugar cookies to mark the event.For the Shabbat with family, another friend, this time a local, wanted to send cookies, including sugar cookies, but to make sure the composition was very different. She is partial to the funkier styles that Shana creates, so we topped the platter with those.This time, the cookies were sugar cookie ganache sandwiches, ginger white chocolate blondies, alfajores, pecan pie thumbprints, chocolate raspberry truffle brownies, and chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies. The sugar cookies were particularly cute - here are a couple of close-ups:
Much mazal to Rafi and the whole family - with so much love from friends from all over, they are already on the right path!


Isreview said...

Beautiful cookies!!

I'm guessing you used edible markers to write on the cookies, just wondering did you buy the markers here in Israel? If yes I would love to know where?

Dvora said...

They are edible markers - I use a variety of brands, some of which were indeed purchased here. Any good baking supply store should have them. If you tell me where you are, I can be more specific.

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