Saturday, February 5, 2011

Extending the family

In this yishuv, it is said, you have to be related to someone. We were lucky enough that, when we moved in, David and I each had a second cousin living here, despite the fact that we did not really know them before we made aliyah. They are both wonderful people with beautiful families, and we are most fortunate to know them and count them as family. (Ironically, they are both sort of related to each other as well, which makes us all happy that none of us have two-headed children, but that is a story for another time.) Recently, my cousin Deena's son Yoni got engaged to a girl also from the community, who happens to be the big sister of Lola's good buddy Serena. So now Lola is (not really) going to be related to a friend of hers, which makes things lots of fun. Deena's older son also married a girl from the neighborhood, the aunt of a classmate of Lola's, so we are grateful that we are now (not really) related to even more people in the community. It's fun to play connect the dots here!

For Yoni and Suzy's engagement party, Suzy's mom called to say that the mothers had discussed and wanted to order cookies for the occasion. The cookies were sugar cookie ganache sandwiches, ginger white chocolate blondies, chocolate snickerdoodles, Mexican brownies, orange-cranberry-white chocolate cookies, and thin mint sandwiches. On top, decorated sugar cookies for the beautiful and happy couple.
We wish Suzy and Yoni all the best, and a lifetime of happiness! Dvora

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