Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Once again, the shoemaker's children go barefoot

Shana turned 17, believe it or not. Because of a large volume of orders during birthday week, Shana's cake got shoddy treatment, with only one fondant decoration, an artist's palette to celebrate her talents.
The writing also got "CakeWrecks" treatment, since we could not think of anything clever to say.

Even her name was in quotes. And the pictures were also rushed, as the decorating was taking place very close to Shabbat, after preparing for the celebration weekend. Oh well, no in-house photographer... but what can you do?!

Despite the message on the cake, we could not be prouder of Shana, as we are of all the kids. Talented, smart, beautiful, even helpful on occasion (kidding, Shosh!), when she goes off to national service next year, we will feel her absence acutely.
Happy 17th!

Love, Imma, aka Dvora


Anonymous said...

That is really hysterical. Very nice.

My kids have birthdays three days apart and it is right before Purim. I want to make each of them nice cake, but how am I going to pull that off?

Dvora said...

I am not sure how Purim is going to happen for us this year. We are making a bar mitzvah one week before! But how will we survive if we don't make hamantaschen?!

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