Thursday, February 24, 2011

There and Back Again, or Meeting in the Middle

I am never going to catch up with myself at this rate. I keep baking, and not posting about the new stuff, because I think that I have to fill in what was before. But I am going to build this train track from two directions - I will start posting new stuff, and simultaneously move forward with the older stuff, so that I am not constantly treading water. I hope the two halves will meet in the middle at some point! So hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride...


This week, Tova celebrated her bat mitzvah. For her Sunday night party, her mom asked me to make cookies and mini-cupcakes for dessert, in addition to the fruit and cheesecake (one of those infamous erev nashim chalavi parties, where the women have to get dressed up, but the men who show up later for a l'chaim come in to the party in jeans, but still get to enjoy a drink and dessert - where is the justice?!!!) they provided. Shana and I spent the afternoon plattering in the shul, to a very nice effect.

The cupcakes were three flavors: chocolate cupcakes, filled with chocolate mousse buttercream, topped with dark chocolate buttercream and fondant flowers and leaves (in the color scheme of the party); vanilla cupcakes with a vanilla cream filling and pale yellow buttercream on top, garnished with a variety of colorful decors; and chocolate chip cupcakes tipped wtih mint buttercream and sparkling sugar.The cookie platters were a selection of seven of the family's favorite flavors:Oatmeal peanut butter sandwiches, toffee bars, sugar cookie ganache sandwiches, Mexican brownies, chocolate caramel sandwiches, cherry-pecan-white chocolate blondies, and glazed lemon cookies.I guess now that I am done thinking about that simcha, I will have to concentrate on my own. Dvora's Cookie Creations will be on hiatus from Sunday, February 27 through Tuesday, March 15, resuming business on Wednesday the 16th. After that, back to baking!


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